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Panel Discussions


Wednesday June 17th

13.30 - 15:00

Financing of Local Television

It was one of the topics in the first edition of the festival and we go back to it after 14 years. There are many changes and many new forms of financing that appeared during those years and could be implemented in local televisions.

Samo Kolár – nezávislý novinár / independet Journalist 
Paco Perez – Tele K Madrid Španielsko / Tele K Madrid Spain 
Igor Chovan – Rada pre vysielanie a retransmisiu Slovensko/ Council for broadcasting Slovakia 
Katarína Vaculíková – Rada pre vysielanie Česká republika/Council for Broadcasting Czech Republic 
Jean-Noel Toubon – TV Pulceo Francúzsko / TV Pulceo France
Juraj Spuchliak – Radio Lumen / Radio LUmen Slovakia 

Thursday June 18th  

14:00 - 15:30 

Culture Industry up Againsat Creative Challenge

Current urban growth and development have been conditioned by the number of people with creative potential. Local and urban televisions can stimulate the process through affirmation of principles and values contained in culture industry, which includes such media. What position have such TVs been apportioned in the complex culture industry? Are they ready to take on this role, or will they remain mere stenographers in a process, in which industrial conglomerates transform into cities where culture and culture industry become greatly significant elements in people’s lives? These are but a few questions, on which we would like to focus in the panel discussion, considering that the proportion of culture industry on the GDP has exceeded car industry share in the EU in the beginning of this millennium. For this reason, we have been focusing on the preparedness of cities, and the potential, which culture has in terms of employment, transformation of industrial objects into cultural centers, decentralization of culture, etc.. This panel will be our festival contribution towards the European Year of Creativity and Innovation.

Robert Fergusson – Inštitút vzdelávania Londýn, Veľká Británia / Institute of Education United Kingdom 
Vladimír Šucha – Európska komisia Delegácia Vzdelávanie a kultúra / European Commission DG for Education and Culture Brussels
Zora Jaurová- Európske hlavné mesto kultúry Košice 2013 / European Capital of Culture Košice 2013 Slovakia
Jozef Konkoly – Starosta obce Kechnec / Mayor of Kechnec Town Slovakia 
Thierry Michel – Fédération des Vidéos des Pays et des Quartiers France

Friday June 19th 

13.30 – 15.00

Reporting Climate Change at the Local Level 

Each year the festival discusses one of the big topical issues facing TV journalists across Europe in The Keynote Debate. At the end of this year, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen at the Climate Change Summit to agree measures to prevent disastrous global warming. UN scientists have just revealed that sea levels are rising twice as fast as was thought just two years ago. The EU is leading the battle to reduce dangerous emissions, and will reveal the latest measures at ‘Green Week’ in Brussels immediately after the Kosice festival.   But how can local TV stations make this global issue relevant to their own viewers? An expert panel will explain the urgency of the energy and climate-change challenges, explore the idea that the most effective action happens at local levels, particularly in the cities, and how TV journalists can include the subject in their news agendas and get good pictures to illustrate the issue.

Rick Thompson – T-Media Veľká Británia / T-media United Kingdom
Tony Carritt – Európska komisia Delegácia Životné prostredie (komunikácia a riadenie) / European Commission DG Enviroment ( Communication and Governance ) ,
Milan Lapin – Meteorológia a klimatológia Komenského univerzita / Meteorology and Climatology, Comenius University (CU) Bratislava Slovakia
Slobodan Milutinovic – Univerzita Niš Srbsko / University of Nis Republic of Serbia 
Michele Bologna – Komunikácia a vzťahy s verejnosťou / Communications and Public Affairs Slovenské elektrárne Enel Slovakia


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