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  The annual iFolt (International Festival of Local Televisions) is held in Košice,
Slovakia. One of the changes in the use of media is that young people use smartphones
and on a daily basis post short videos to social media. So, to include these videos
in the festival, here's a new and exciting category to compete in: "Xtreme Short Films".
The winner will be awarded the 'Katya Frederiks Award'; a diploma and a prize of
€ 200.- which will be handed over at the Awards Evening at the end of the festival,
on Saturday June 16 2012.

So, how does it work? (all relevant links at the bottom):
Your footage doesn't need a story, it may be just funny, beautiful, horrible, abstract
or whatever (Legal rules of Slovakia apply though). The main criteria will be the
visual attractiveness and content quality. After moderation (you will be contacted
on admission or rejection) your entry will be published on our Youtube channel and
comments on the entries go there and/or on our twitter account.
Regular news will be published on our Facebook page.

•The XSF (Xtreme Short Film) must be shot in Košice and run between 10 and 20 seconds•
•The title of the XSF must include the location plus the date and time it was shot•
•Cuts, transitions and credits are not permitted; the film must be shot in one take•
•Music clips and talking heads (people talking to the camera) are also not permitted•
•The use of public domain music or an original soundtrack is permitted•
•Effects are only permitted on sound and/or picture without cuts in the footage•
•All decisions made by the Jury are final and not open for discussion •

About copyright:
Submission to the competition entitles iFOLT to show the film on the our
YouTube Channel, iFOLT's web site, TV Naša, during the Festival in the screening
room and/or other means without any restrictions or limitations.

Entries need to be sent in before June 1, 2012

About the links below:
Facebook: to see our page there
Youtube: for inspiration and watching entries
Twitter: to follow us
Gmail: to send your entry and/or any questions you might have


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