How to reach Košice

By plane
There are several daily flights to Košice International Airport from Prague, Vienna and Bratislava

By train
Košice is connected via international trains from Prague, Brno, Budapest, Krakow,and Moscow and from all important cities in Slovakia.

By car from the north (Prešov-Poprad-Poland),
from the west (Rožňava-Lučenec-Bratislava-Austria)
from the south (Seňa-Hungary)
from the east (Michalovce-Ukraine)

How to reach Festival Venue

From the airport

By bus
Connecting every flight to Košice International Airport - should not cost more than 1 €. The journey between airport and Festival Venue or city centre takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

By taxi
To the centre of the town or to all major hotels in Košice - should cost no more than 10 €.

From the Košice Main Railway Station (Hlavná stanica)
Košice Main railway Station (Hlavná stanica) as well as Bus Station (Autobusová stanica) are located just few minutes by walk from the centre of the city. You can choose also between several buses and trams departing from the Main Railway Station, or you can take a taxi.