Brussels 07

The City TV Foundation, which annually stages the International Festival for Local Televisions, has made its first presentation in Brussels, “capital” of the European Union.The Festival, held every June in Košice, Slovakia, brings together local television broadcasters principally from Europe, but also from countries in Asia and America as well. The event includes a programme competition and workshops and seminars. Some 30 different countries are represented at these gatherings.



Eva Dekanovska, a founder of TV Naša and Music Box TV in Košice led a delegation for the presentation in Brussels. With her were Jürgen Linke, longtime head of the Open Channel in Berlin, Germany and a City TV board member; Stela Jovanovic, a Serbian television journalist who is the Festival’s Serbia country coordinator; and Ed Baumeister, an American journalist who lives in France and has been head of the competitions jury in Košice.About 60 people attended the event, held in the House of Regions in Brussels. The foundation representatives explained the origins of the Festival and projected excerpts from some of its winning films.The presentation was opened by Maroš Šefčovič, Slovakia’a ambassador to the European Union. It was attended by Zdenko Trebula, president of the Kosice Self-governing Region.The City TV Foundation has also made presentations in recent months in Krakow, Poland, and in Belgrade, Serbia.