obr3If Košice is identified as the unofficial centre of European local television, then the other, equally important component of the Festival has also acquired this attribute. Apart from the competitive showing of programmes, the Festival has become a prominent place for obtaining new understanding, new knowledge and the professional development and growth of local television. Behind this aspect it's necessary to see the whole array of professional meetings, workshops, panel discussions and lectures dedicated to professional fine-tuning of television workers, and observance of the principles of journalism ethics. 

It is inconceivable that the basic principles of European communication policies – the convergence of values on which the whole European integration process rests – can be achieved without fully utilizing the potential of these television stations.  

Last year in the Slovak Republic, in Košice, nearly 160 Festival participants gathered, creators and media professionals, among whom guests from countries currently in the EU were mainly prevalent  and  countries which have declared a willingness to enter the EU. In this way, they have made use of the opportunity to influence the communication policies of the EU even before their countries become full-fledged members. This is in fact an example of the responsibile influencing of their own future in the conditions of a developing democracy.