Program Fair

Within the framework of this workshop, we will welcome the representatives of organisations that support audiovisual works and offer cooperation in their realisation. They will present mainly the possibilities for the execution of their funds. Producers of audiovisual programmes will also speak on the topic of funding – where to look for funds, what are the current hot topics, what are the decisive factors for the success (or its lack) of a film, etc. Distribution companies and TV buyers will also be invited to join the discussion. The objective of this workshop is to give the authors practical information, to get experience from the film market over to them and to describe its functioning as well as the newest trends. Representatives of the Audiovisual Fund, STV, Media Desk, ČT and the Ministry of Culture will all be invited to join the discussion. The orgranisers also plan to approach companies like AVEK – Finland, Vienna Film Fund - Austria, or Media Trainning -  Belgium, and others.