From Dawn till Dusk


3. From Dawn till Dusk

Original title:  From Dawn till Dusk

Length:  12´

Country:  Serbia

Year of Production: 2011

Category: Production company / Documentary

Director:  Ivica Ivanov

Production:  Milan Petrovic


Every November 28 the citizens of Pirot, a small town in Southern Serbia, come to one specific place in search of fun and good time. The traditional fair, which takes place on the outskirts of town, is an event which offers entertainment for everyone: children enter a colourful world of toys and merry-go-rounds while adults run away from everyday problems, each in their own way. The film From Dawn till Dusk follows the events at Pirot′s  fair during almost 24 hours and represents them in a unique way, unveiling just a part of the secret of why Pirot´s  fair is being visited by multitudes for decades.