Participative training

Monday – Saturday 11th – 16th,  June 2012 Dom techniky

Training on Participation of citizens in media


Participative media is inherently social media whose value and impact are derived from the participation of many people, and citizens are no longer just recipients of programs, but have the opportunity to respond to program content and participate in their creation.


In 2010, the festival for the first time presented an international participatory media project led by the French Fédération des Vidéos des Pays et des Quartiers. The theme of participatory media is the subject of a training for citizens of Košice at the festival in 2012.  Co-organizers and trainers of this training are members of the French  Fédération des Vidéos des Pays et des Quartiers Thierry Michel, Vincent Aguano, Anne Breuzin, and Elodie Sylvain.