The 19th annual International Festival of local TV broadcasters "Golden Beggar” officially ended up with gala and the closing award ceremony in the Great Hall of the historic town hall (IFoLT).


A unique event which is held annually in Košice was once again in the public eye. Not only have they participated in the showing of documentary and feature films from both home and foreign production at "Film festival Košice", but also at a number of accompanying events such as "The Essence of Košice". Events were focused on presentation of various artists, musicians, craftsmen, but also on "the masters of wooden spoons" with their delicious specialties which were ready to visitors. People had an opportunity to taste Balkan specialties such as Ćevapi, barbeque, fish and drink delicious morsels with good beer in a nice atmosphere.

"The fact that 19th annual International Festival of local TV broadcasters is held in the year, in which Košice has become the European capital of culture, has inspired us to create even more cultural programs under the title “the Essence of Košice”, which introduced the creation of art crafts of V4 countries and some of the Balkan countries for people, "said the organizer of the Festival, Eva Dekanovská, the director of the City TV Foundation. Visegrad and Balkan meetings revived urban places and created a platform of live interactive communication and strong experiences. Visitors spent first two days of "The Essence of Košice" in a place called "Rodošto" and on the third day they were offered a cultural program and gastronomic experience in Jesenskeho street.


There was a panel discussion as a traditional part of IFoLT under the name "Media and politics" (Hypocrisy or Democracy). The guest were: Dr. János Auer (member of the Council of the National media and the News Media Office, Hungary), Grigory Mesežnikov (President of the Institute for public affairs, Slovakia), Dr. Justin Schlosberg (an expert on the evolution of the media at the local level, United Kingdom) and Anna Tomanova Makanova (Vice President of the Parliament of Vojvodina, Serbia), hosted by Rick Thompson (T_Media, a longtime BBC journalist, United Kingdom). Knowledge and experience of the guests presented in the panel discussion were really beneficial. They discussed the importance of media, their role to inform and entertain at the same time. They also debated about media as an instrument of power and control as well as the place of leading open social dialogues with ambition of forming public opinion. With regard to the impact of media on public, political parties are trying to influence and get control over them. Media should remain free and independent from both political and economic power and respect ethical and professional standards.


Three main awards in three categories traditionally go to the best program produced by the local TV, the best film of the production company and the best film from the production of a young author. There are other awards as well: The price of the Association of Serbian journalists Zora, The price of the Council for broadcasting and retransmission for the best Slovak film, The price of the Serbian festival Press Vitez and the price of the Family Foundation from the United States. In addition to these awards, there were some productions and authors awarded by honorable mentions.

There were many films in the competition from all around Europe, Canada and other countries and also a number of independent producers as well as journalists from 21 countries of the world. You could watch more than 12 hours of films in the competition and dozens of films in a non-competitive section of the festival called "Film festival Košice". The main task of the international jury was to choose films with strong plots and unique message depicting characters and fates of people. The jury: E.J. Baumeister Jr., (USA) - President of the jury, Marcel Dekanovský (Slovakia), Katarína Hudecová (Slovakia), Otto Olejar (Slovakia), James Sutherland-Smith (GB), Darko Kovič (Serbia) and Andrey Kutsila (Belarus).