Festival responds to an urgent need next door

This year, our Festival wants to respond to an urgent need next door, in Ukraine. In cooperation with Uzhgorod’s European Media Center and Korzo internet television, the organisers are prepared to duplicate in Ukraine what the Festival has done in other parts of Europe. It was the director of this centre, Nikolaj Koshuta, who first proposed the idea of organising the festival in Ukraine. “We would like to help our colleagues create a network of producers, encourage programme-exchange and improve the media space” says the IFoLT festival director Eva Děkanovská. “There is a deeper reason for organising the festival in Ukraine. It should be perceived as a step forward towards Ukrainian media workers and Ukranian media, an act of solidarity, demonstrating our openness and willingness to share mutual know-how.”

The festival has been preparing panel discussions where it wants to open the topic of the role of media in democracy-development and the EU integration process and also a workshop on ‘Local televisions in Ukraine: the armed conflict – war broadcast live’.