The Festival will discuss the situation in Ukraine

Workshops on current topics are an important part of the festival every year. Their goal is to provide answers to which topics the media and independent producers should report and how they should report them. This year they will be led by media experts not only from the V4 countries and Europe but also media workers from Ukraine who will join the discussions. The festival is cooperating on preparation of these sessions with the European Media Centre in Uzhgorod, our Eastern neighbour's festival co-organiser.

“One of the key condition in development of civil society in every country -and this applies to Ukraine especially at this moment- is the democratisation of the media as a whole and the creation of the space for free and independent media. These are the priority goals, which will be the topic of the panel discussion and subsequent workshop, which is adapted to the roles of the media and the needs of journalists and local television workers in the city & regional televisions in Ukraine” explains Eva Děkanovská, the director of the festival.

The European Media Centre has chosen several Ukrainian print & electronic media journalists. The chairman of the National Journalist Association in the Ukraine is one of them, together with Oleg Chavič, a political science expert, as well as other television & print journalists from selected Ukrainian media.

“The festival is a source of inspiration, and it is about getting to know the principles, relations and questions which are so important to the citizens of the European Union. It is also a source of information which local television workers take back to the citizens of the towns and cities they live in, after the festival. And this is perhaps the most important festival contribution within the enlargement of the European Union” adds Mrs.Děkanovská.