The 20th International Festival of Local Television Broadcasters

The Golden Beggar begs in advance!

The 21st International festival of local televisions is well under way. This year it will be held from 17th to 21st June 2015, not only in Košice but also in Uzhgorod as well. “We decided on Ukraine because we think it is necessary to do the same thing there that the festival has been doing throughout its 20 years of existence – spreading democracy in local media and restoring media to its rightful place & space” says Eva Děkanovská, the director of the festival. The Festival of Local Televisions has built a unique reputation on the European media map and it is a strong forum for many reputable media workers and journalists. “Since 2014, despite its uniqueness, the festival has not enjoyed the financial support it used to have. For this reason we decided to invite “crowdfunding” via the Czech website If it works as it should, it will generate the necessary extra finance.”