The “Golden Beggar” statuette will be created by Vladimír Račko

Since 1995, traditionally, the main prize for the best local television film has been the Golden Beggar statuette. The copy of a statue which stands on top of one of the burgher houses in Hlavna, the Main street in Košice, was originally created by Master sculptor Arpád Račko, who sadly left the world of art for good, when he passed away in January of this year, at the age of 84. “We regret that an artist who breathed so much spirit into our festival has died. But we are pleased that cooperation with the Račko family continues. His son Vladimír has inherited the tradition, so producers can strive once more to win this year's “Golden Beggar statuette” says Eva Děkanovská, director of the festival.

Vladimír Račko, son of Master sculptor Arpád Račko, has already started work on his statuette, the ultimate destination of which remains unknown. We will only learn which author it will go to and to which country it will travel on the 20th June 2015, when the Award Ceremony takes place. Over the past 20 years, the statuette has stayed at home in Slovakia only twice; more statuettes have been awarded to authors from Serbia and Poland than from any other country.

Who is the Golden Beggar? There is a story, very much alive in Kosice, about a man who begged for many years on the streets of our town. He used the money he collected wisely and built a house in the Main Street, Hlavna. On the roof of that same house there is a statue of a beggar, bowing to those who pass by below. Traditionally, a golden copy of this statue has been awarded as the main Local Television prize at the International Festival of Local Televisions.