Winning poster author is Jozef Mnich

The organisers of the International Festival of Local Televisions have decided to cooperate with promising young artists this year. For the first time in the festival’s history, the organisers have included students from the School of Applied Arts in Košice in the conception of the festival visual design. “We approached young graphic designers so that they could take part in a concrete project, to find out how their ideas could be realised and become a part of the visual design of a major event” says Eva Děkanovská, the director of the festival. Ten graphic designers set out to work on the assignment. Their goal was to create a poster capturing the core idea of this year’s festival, which takes place not only in Slovakia but also in Ukraine. The Festival organisation team then chose the work of Jozef Mnich, a 2nd Year student at Košice's School of Applied Arts.

Winning poster author of which is Jozef Mnich, student of Košice's School of Applied Arts. Another innovation is the cooperation with the Dramatic Arts Faculty of The Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica.  “I am glad that the festival offers more space to the young filmmakers. A proof of the quality of their productions lies in the fact that many of them won awards in the festival in previous years” sums up Mrs. Děkanovská. Agnes Dimun was awarded the Golden Beggar in the Young Author section with her film “Long-haired Boys”. Andrej Kolenčík was awarded the Golden Beggar in the Young Author section for his film Star. And the prize of the 'Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission' was awarded to Matej Ligač, also a student from Banská Bystrica, for his film “Sledge Hockey”. You can watch the dissertation films of the students from the Academy of Arts in a separate festival segment during the Košice Film Festival from 18th to 19th June in Kulturpark.