Golden Beggar bows to everyone who helped

The Crowndfunding mission for the 21st International Festival of Local Televisions in Košice, started by the organisers in the middle of April via the Czech portal Hithit.cz, was successful!

“We wanted to raise the 12 thousand euros that we missed out on in unsuccessful grant applications, to complete the budget we needed to be able to organise the festival the way we had planned. While we were uneasy at the beginning of our crowdfunding adventure, we are pleased to see that our efforts brought success.” sums up Eva Děkanovská, the director of the festival.

Via HitHit, the festival reached 109 % of the required sum, totalling €13,080. All in all, 139 people contributed, 32 of them anonymously.

“We thank everyone who donated. It is very pleasing to see how many people support the festival. We regret that we don’t know some of the contributors' names, however we would like to welcome them to all the events within the festival, which will take place thanks to them and the sum we managed to collect.” Adds Mrs. Děkanovská.

The money collected will be used especially for the film screening – Košice International Film Festival (KIFF), which had no financial coverage until now. This ensures that the citizens of Košice will have the unique opportunity of seeing films which they would not be able to see in regular cinemas. Award-winners from previous festivals will also be screened during KIFF.