Nacht über Kosice Kopie

Back to the windy town


“Our family lived in five states: First, we have been Hungarians, suddenly, for a short time Czechoslovaks, than again Hungarians. Once we were no longer desired. Finally, we were said to be equal and now we are all free” With these words of her Jewish grandmother, the young German film author Kristina Forbat travels back to near Slovak hometown Košice where she was born in 1986. The author discovers not only the multicultural heritage of Košice and her family but also the moving life stories of the inhabitants of Košice. The film is a journey through the history of a town in the heart of Europe. Inhabitants of this city became witnesses of wars, shifting borders and nationalities during the 20th century. Political changes provoked political persecution and migration of large parts of its population. Through insights into her Jewish family story as well as through interviews with various contemporary witnesses, the viewer gets a unique portrait of a place with captivating history.