ziva glava i vinkl 2

Živa glava i vinkl


May 2014 years the city of Doboj (Bosnia and Herzegovina)hit the unprecedented floods. Four feet of water in the city center, thousands of people were displaced, thousands of houses, apartments were destroyed ... The floods have brought the flood of information. Reporters are inundated with daily reporting areas. Doboj was located in at any time news and the front pages of newspapers. Statements of politicians, attitudes crisis centers, people in boats, stand up, and a few staff rush to send material for broadcast ... After several days, the water receded and with it the journalists. Other people with its tragedy, fates, stories, shocked and lost. Someone smart said, "Where ends journalism begins documentary." Somehow, so we started ... We went into town a few days after the withdrawal of water. People took to the streets throwing their submerged objects, memories, past and hope ... " Well, we‘re alive " are repeated in a city that looked like Hiroshima or Stalingrad after war. When faced with such a tragedy that can do only by the principle of "shut up and shoot."! This is their story.