Four people from Kurdistan­Iraq ( Halabja) strive to save their town from the hardship and bitterness of the past. Hoshyar: the Hero of Halabja, who was able to remove more than 1 million landmines, as a result for this voluntarily deed he lost both of his legs. Odear: the artist of Halabja, who scares water and the moon, who tells the stories of his town, the town he loved by his photographs scented with the smell of apples. Bakr Hamma Sideeq: the lawyer of Halabja and the defender of its rights, struggles for justice of those who killed his town and people, can he see justice being served? Kamil Abdul Kadir: the cultivated son of Halabja, who lost his family and loved ones , for that he has an endless love story for this town , though it took a lot of him and he was left with 20% of his lungs to breath with! He struggles to write a book that documents everything for the coming generations. So they can breathe fresh air again, can they overcome the pains of their past mixed with the smell of poisoned apples?