Block 5 Story (extracts)

Bloc 5 Story (extracts)


Summer 2012, the working-class area is the stage of unprecedented street violence. The images of the confrontation between the revolting youth and the police travelled all around the world.

A few months earlier, CARMEN was directing a documentary with a rap band in the heart of Fafet district, undoubtedly one of the most violent. Public services and doctors never enter the district anymore while the police have great difficulty doing so. The street has been abandoned to drug dealers and traffickers.

Shot under these circumstances, Bloc 5 Story portrays the street world, its pains, its risky behaviour but also a lifestyle and an aesthetic specific to the underprivileged area’s youth and rap music. Bloc 5 Story is an immersion into the life of these youngsters. Joining forces to direct and edit the film, the images provide an insight into their reality.