Twice forgotten

Condamnati la uitare


In the region of Moldova, there is only a public centre for treating Alzheimer patients. Apart from this section, there is only a private hospital established in Iasi, with extremely high fees. Both places have a capacity of 40 beds each, and the waiting list is extremely long. The film also tells the story of Ani and Caton. For the past few years, Mrs. Ani´s life has been a perpetual wait. Hours, minutes, seconds of painful loneliness. Mrs. Ani´s only real friend is Caton. Old suffering, with a great heart. Even if she were lucky enough to get to the only public centre in Moldova dealing with this disease, she would need a pension three times as big to be able to cover the treatment.

According to the Romanian Alzheimer Society, out of 10 patients with this disease, only two are diagnosed and only one is treated appropriately.