Čvrste kosti


The documentary film "Firm bones" is about Dragica Milanović from Kuršumlija who, at the age of 70, decided to make major life changes in order to help herself and the poor, unemployed women. She gathered around ten women, age 25 to 70, lectured them on the craft of painting she had learned from her father and gave them brushes and hats made from newspapers. The group of women painters that initially painted houses and apartments for free became known in their town and region as the best. Dragica and her fellow painters have painted hundreds of square meters of housing and government institutions so far. Without any rest they smooth out ceilings, repair and paint dilapidated joinery, move the furniture. Film "Firm bones," is a significant and touching evidence of empathy, support, motivation and unselfish engagement of women in their fight against women's poverty.