Egy tollovonás egy nép sorsa


This document commemorates the Czechoslovak-Hungarian population exchange signed on 27 February 1946. The story begins in Perény, in one of the village in Košice-rural districts from where 75% of population was deported. We have looked for the deported Upper Hungarians in some South-Hungarian settlements and have visited places from where they were ousted by the authorities. Since shooting most of the interviewees watch further fate of their family from „the third word“. In Budapest we have managed to find the last still living cler who participated in population exchange. Csaba Skultéty at the age of 92 remembered the terrible time. For strengthening the historian authenticity one of our interviewed historian was from Slovakia and the second one was from Hungary. The greatest achievements of this project is that in the very last minute we have managed to verify this shameful time by witnesses. Twenty people were interviewed directly in the film as well as Felvidéki Néptáncegyüttes (Upper Hungarian Folk Dance Ensemble) from Bátaszék contributed in this film