105. El cuento de la vida.foto

El cuento dela vida


The story of life is about a relationship: Antonia and Henry spent 20 years of

marriage and her life has become unbearable routine that discuss and share almost anything.

He's a respected lawyer who travels frequently; Antonia work in a multinational and has

intensive day evenings and takes a master of English studies. She is a responsible and

organized person every day the same things with exemplary punctuality. But the order is 

broken when one morning and get in the car will not start therefore decided to take the bus.

Your feelings are changing on that stage in which new elements are strange feel: waiting the

bustle of the street passengers contact eyes ... There Alfredo match the beholder with

admiration and smiles a friend who had long since I saw a child playing with it ... Through

this communication and observation reflects on his relationship and loneliness. These days

using the bus time takes on another dimension leaves his security bubble to witness what is 

happening around him he realizes that there is something more out of our world of thoughts

and concerns. Empathize with all those people men women children and be thinking about

how much similarity and difference in all those stories. This event and other small

coincidences lead her to make a big decision.