52. Gaule2028.foto

Gaule, 2028


Once upon a time our ancestors the Gauls it was there a long time ago but it may soon become again by Aesus and perhaps also by Toutatis although I doubt the latter name because I was told that Goscinny was actually born in Argentina. But nevermind ... If you believe in the prophecy of " The great fear of the year 2017" published in the Green Library in the late 80s we'll be soaked . Well I 10 years behind compared to the target of 2018 but it does not matter . What to do after or even before ? Come worship the Supreme Being with our friends druids in the first temples that were oak forests ... The Gallic obeyed the laws of friendship there were obeying to the ones for whom they felt friendship . And they held a hand strap yoke of oxen dragging the plow to plow the fields of wheat and the other hand holding their right to the tip of their sword not fearing death and nothing and nobody but the fall from the sky. Preferring to build with whole rocks rather than with cutten stones.