Cecilio and neighbours in balcony-conversation

Historias de Balcones


In the colourful Cuban capital Havana the balcony is a micro cosmos full of life and death: The countless balconies in the city play a vital role in the lives of the inhabitants; this is where they buy and sell gossip and yell, live and die. In Havana each balcony has its own soul, its own magic and its own tales to tell about the people living on them. In a dilapidated neighbourhood an old blind man perceives life from his beloved balcony. Despite not being able to see his balcony allowed him to stay in close contact with world surrounding him and to follow each breath and move from his neighbours and the people passing by in the street below him. Despite not being able to see his surroundings with his eyes, he is seeing it all with his body and senses. The old man has advices about love to give and balcony tales to pass on the next generation before he is getting too old.