Hrapoćuša i vitalac


The story of hrapoćuša and vitalac the story of the art of preparing two traditional dishes from the island of Brac - Dol cake hrapoćuša and dishes of lamb offal - vitalac, but also the story of a beautiful region that has shaped the mentality of the people as their actions refine everyday and deserve to be mentioned art admitted to the list of protected cultural monuments Croatian Ministry of Culture. A slice of pure nuts, mute eggs and sugar, and vary the recipe for this festive cake called as the cornerstone of which are in Dol built stone walls and houses - hrapoćuša and Doljani is, a burning brandy and preparing skewer with lamb delicacies, not on their own account - chatting jokes about stinginess of Brac and discover our wonderful microcosm of life of all the people in a small island town.