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Jagnjedovečka legenda


„The Legend of Jagnjedovec“ is a legend which revives the resettlement area and the memory of a banquet on April 26th 1642 when the locals welcomed Koprivnica's captain that they let the settling.Jagnjedovec was first mentioned in 1351. It was abandoned at the time of the Ottoman invasions. Again he was settled in 1642 of Slavonians (Kaikavian Croatian population). Great captain of Koprivnica John William Galler in order to populate space captaincy of Koprivnica , sent to Koprivnica vice captain Igll Sigmund and Duke Androk (probably Moses), (Ivan) Krupac and Radman (from Poganca ). Then certain boundary Jagnjedovec areas. But „The Legend of Jagnjedovec“ is not the only legend in this documentary.