Sandy beaches, blue sea and bright sky welcome visitors to the holiday town of Amity. Nobody knows that somewhere beneath the surface there is a huge white shark waiting. Soon he finds his first victim, then another and another. At first, representatives of the city try to conceal everything; eventually they await someone who would kill the giant shark. Three men at last go to the sea to try their luck - an ichthyologist Hooper, a shark hunter Quint a a local police chief Brody.

The famous and now legendary film about the hunt for dangerous shark – based on a book by Peter Benchleye - was shot by director Steven Spielberg, to whom the film brought a worldwide fame. Thanks to the hit film Spielberg gained creative and financial freedom. The film won three Oscars: for music (John Williams), for editing (Verna Fieldsové) and sound editing (John R. Carter, Roger Heman Jr., Robert L. Hoyt, Earl Maber). And the world cinema has gained a new phenomenon.