Quarantaore 3

Komiški kvarantore


Quarantaore is a Catholic custom of prayer and worship in front of the Holy Incarnation, which lasts for forty hours and starts on the Palm Sunday. The name itself originated from the Italian words quaranta meaning forty and ore meaning hours. Quarantore of Komiža is a film document of the man´s attempt to come closer to God, humbly and introspectively, through prayer and worship, but also through hard work in His Glory. Hence a number of the inbabitants of the village of Komiža built the quarantore in the church of ST. Nicolas on the hill of Muster a few days before the Palm Sunday. To the people of Komiža the term quarantore denotes both the decoration of the central altar and the mechanism which elevates the Holy Incarnation. The space around the main altar is dressed up on purple clothes and decorated by flowers and the light of hundreds of candles.