Cinema Lessons

Lezioni di Cinema


Lezioni di Cinema, showing and movie lessons by Italian and international actors, directors and screenwriters. Cinema Lessons is the name of one of the television productions that was aired in 2011 on Teleradioerre. This original format is a project thanks to collaboration between Teleradioerre and the Laboratory Film Festival de La Bottega dell’Attore -Studio Dauno Theatre. Seven episodes with seven famous teachers: the italian and international actors and directors Sergio Rubini Alessandro Haber, Giovanni Veronesi, Valeria Solarino, Jasmine Trinca, Toni Trupia e il direttore della fotografia Sergio D'Offizi. The competition involved the most important episode: two years ago, we had the pleasure to meeting Sergio Rubini. He is an actor from Puglia, but he has become an actor of international fame thanks the performing in the movie, "The Passion" by Mel Gibson. Young artists and young guys were followed by cameras, both during lessons and during the break: their words and their emotions will give the viewer the opportunity to learn more about show business. This production was an opportunity to engage viewers in a new methodology of teaching: show business and all the secrets of world movie revealed by television.