Shared memories-a journey to understand

Memories Condivise- un viaggo per capire


,,Memorie condivise´´ is a film thath records the travel experience of a group of Italian guys

coming from Italy in Bosnia for their first fime. They attended in childhood a school named

,, Children of Sarajevo´´ in memory of the children died durin the war siege, but they didn´t

know almost nothing anout those recent events…

The principal goal og the film is to achieve historic consciousness and to appreciate the values of 

the multicultural diversities, together the conservation of the memory of past events as well.

For these reasons the film will be screened to young people inside schools as a tool to learn qhat

happened in Bosnia 20 years ago, because only through great effort and committent to teach

peace and civilness, it is possible to understand the meaning of coexistence on peace on spite of 

different cultures and religions.