Oskar u džepu, Užice u srcu


Childhood spent in a small town on the banks of the river Djetinja in the 1950’s forever marked the life and creative profile of Stojan Steve Tesic the scriptwriter, novelist and the recipient of the biggest recognition in the film industry, the American Academy Award for best original screenplay “Breaking away”. In 1954, Stojan, then called Tole, left Uzice with his mother and sister, and moved to Chicago, to join his father, immigrant of the King’s army, where he became a successful writer for both theater and film. Chasing the idea of “American dream” and during the years of his biggest fame he never realy forgot Uzice, and he loved coming back to Serbia. He died suddenly in 1996, when he was 54 years old. He left behind his daughter Amy, wife Becky, six screenplays, ten theater plays, two novels and unfulfilled wish to go back and at least for a while live in Uzice again.