SIMPLY as a human being

Po prostu jako czlowiek


For 60 years, volunteers from Germany as part of the German nation compensation for

the guilts and wrongs of war, have been coming to work for the hospital Children's Health Center

in Warsaw. Take the hardest of jobs in the hospital. They work in the kitchen, picking potatoes,

wash windows, work in the garden. They are also present on the wards, participate in the

rehabilitation of children, in many works replace nurse. Finance themselves arrival and stay. - 

“The war was present in our home, during my childhood there was a lot of talk about it. And now

as an adult person I deal with this subject. I must say that I feel guilty. I am not guilty myself, but

this feeling is with me and that’s why I would like to do something to make the German-Polish

relations better.” - says the heroine of the film.