Pozarnikarot Muci


The narrator of this documentary recounts one incident in 2001 during the conflict in R. Macedonia in which he himself was. This is followed with descriptions of his profession as a fire-fighter and statements of statistical nature of how fires occurred in the community where he also lives. This is supplied with the depictions of his private life, his family and how they perceive having a fire-fighter in the family. Hereafter the main protagonist Mustafa tells an immediate testimony where he participated as part of the Fire Department in extinguishing a large fire, which directly entered the rescue of two children’s lives (one year old twins), which manages to save only one of children, while the other loses life in those flames. The images and testimonials continues the story of the great disastrous fire in the Roma neighbourhood Ciglana where nearly burned to the ground 24 houses.  We also encounter part of the training and teaching that keeps the hero with local residents about fires. At the end of the documentary our main character sends appeal to the younger generation to get involved and apply for this job before but risky human occupation.