Rumelide Bir Udi


The documentary is about an oudist named Rasim Salih from Mitrovica, who has played a major role in the cultural development of the Turkish Communities living in Kosovo. The main character has started his music career during the beginning of the 1930s, although he had not previously taken any academic or professional education. His interest in music had started when he was 10, while watching his barber master play mandolin. During that time period, he had been working as a foreman in that barber shop, and later on had continued to develop his skills with the old music books he had found from people around. With the help of those books, he has later on developed his great music skills displayed on many Classical Turkish Music instruments. In 1951, a new era of cultural development begins when the Turkish Communities of Kosovo gain their cultural and educational rights. Throughout this phase, Rasim Salih has educated many young people about the Turkish Music in different Cultural Organizations of many towns in Kosovo. He has established and created the Orchestra of Turkish Arts Music, within the State Radio of Prishtina. Therefore, he has helped promote and emphasize the uniqueness of the Turkish Culture by bringing together musicians of Turkish and other communities that live in Kosovo. His works have introduced and promoted the values of the Kosovar Arts and Culture to many countries throughout the world.