Simon and the Oaks

Simon och ekarna


Directed by Lisa Ohlin, Simon & the Oaks was listed as an official selection of major international film festivals in Berlin, in Seattle, in Palm Springs in 2011 and won two Gulbagge Award granted by the Swedish Film Institute (local equivalent of the Oscars). It is an adaptation of the eponymous bestseller by an internationally known Swedish writer Marianney Friedriksson. Via the unique story of a young boy Simon and his Jewish friend Isaka who face the unfavourable times of the Second World War, Lisa Ohlin brings a unique portrait of the social situation and of the contemporary Jewish question in Sweden. The main character is played by a young and talented Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård - son of the internationally known actor Stellan - who was selected as a one of the Shooting Stars at the Berlin Film Festival for 2012.