Tasavvuf" is a documentary that highlights cultural elements of Muslim Tariqat’s

Halveti and Mevlevi. "Tasavvuf", touches the artistic elements of this Tariqat: music and poetry,

but without neglecting other essential elements of this millennial tradition.The documentary is 

divided into three acts, each act is separate but they all talk about "Tasavvuf" philosophy.The

first act, in the city of Istanbul, talks about music especially about spiritual instrument known as 

Ney, and songs that this instrument follows along.The second act is a short story about Mevlevi

tradition and some of the personalities of Tariqat that have become part of world culture such as 

the great poet, Rumi.The third act shows the impact of this culture in Kosovo and presents the

Dhikr in applicable way. This part is focused on city of Prizren where the impact is more visible

than in other cities of Kosovo .In the first and middle act there will be inserted quotations from

famous poet, Rumi, whose creativity is considered as world cultural heritage.