The dream and the reality-one village, one piece of art.


Milivoj Bato Klepić, a collector and art trader, deeply disappointed with the situation in culture and the attitude of the state toward the cultural heritage, in particular toward paintings and sculptures, leaves Belgrade and returns to the village where he was born, to Podlokanj situated at the junction of three borders - those of Serbia, Hungary and Romania (in the Banat region - Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, in Serbia) where he tries to establish the CULTURAL CENTRE. He renovated the old and dilapidated community home and transformed it into a real Museum and an outdoor sculpture gallery. Bato has also built eight cuprija - small bridges, which are by themselves true artistic works. He is doing his best to make his village more organised, and he is successful in doing that. His motto is a word of wisdom from the Far East he has taken from our Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric: A man has duty only to his home land and to nobody else.