95. Botswana sauvage une journée ordinaire.foto

Botswana sauvage une journée ordinaire


Since 1971 Yves Lanceau has traveled around the world photographing wildlife:

insects and big mammals with passion respect and curiosity. With this quiet amazing film

Nathalie Truchet and he show us that there are still countries where we can be next to wild

animals without them being afraid of man. The meanders of the delta of Okavango river in the

area of the desert create in Botswana the natural territories for a great diversity of animals and

plants which are becoming rare. This beautiful wild nature is shared with us in the course of 

an ordinary day. This majestic spectacle is a combination of the beauty the diversity and the

protected African wildlife. Realized during an Objectif Nature safari “Wild Botswana”

between Maune and Chobe november 2013 (and 2008 for some pictures)