Zlatan Dudov


„Zlatan Dudov“ is a documentary film about the life and work of an acclaimed director born in 1903 in a town that was at the time in Bulgaria named Tsaribrod, or now in Serbia - Dimitrovgad. Although belonging to the German cinematography, his Balkan background was woven into his work. „Kuhle Wampe“, a famous film by Dudov produced 1932, is considered to be amongst the first one hundred most prominent films, and has remained a symbol of the European socially engaged film ever since. Zlatan Dudov engraved his name in gold letters within cinema history as the author of the only German proletarian and left wing oriented film, the assistant of the great director Fritz Lang, as well as a friend and a associate of the famous poet and playwright Berthold Brecht. Characterised by his uncompromising film poetics Dudov bestowed a rich legacy upon his birth town, Europe and the world as a whole.