Enchanted by space


Siniša Majkus is a distinguished artist known for grand objects in space characterized by the affirmation of three-dimensional space dinamics which can be described as an attempt to mark the ''invisible'' side of spaciality by a so-called ''sculptural drawing''. At one point, the artist enchanted by space ''stepped'' into a world under the sea, inhabiting the underwater with his reticulated, voluminous drawings. A line of interventions in scenography and interior design draws his work out of confined gallery ambiences. Sculptures set in galleries signify spatial growth, whereas in open space or under the sea they illustrate embeddedness. Majkus’ architectonic spatial drawings inhabit areas of their environment with grand, impressive three-dimensional drawings which have never been an experiment (a word constantly used when referring to contemporary art), but ‘’signs along the way’’, cathedrals of affiliation to Mediterranean and maritime soil to whom Majkus returns after every departure.