Flotant pe strada Ilbraileanu


Curiosity made me knock on the doors of the Garabet Ibraileanu inhabitants. The street name is given by a great Romanian writer from the beginning of the XX century. He lived on the street that now has his name.

The people now living here opened their doors to me and I opened their hearts. The mystery has gone and from the heights of their places they speak to me of common joys and day-to-day fulfillments, about what was and what will be. People that marked with their cultural activity the entire history, created schools and elaborated scientific principles. They are known and appreciated not only in Romania, but also across the world. At old age they live silently close to us. University professors, writers, artists, critics, actors... they all live on the same street. The camera unveils them as they are. These extraordinary values of the Romanian people gather into a small community in this great city, Iasi. I find relevant presenting a life fragment of these people that step away from the noise of the contemporary society. It is important to appreciate the life of the intellectuals that reach a respectable age. Their accomplishments will remain and they need to be shown to the younger generations. In this context, the meaning of public television is to keep the portraits of these remarkable specialists.