Lume, ia-ma in brate, eu vin


How you discover the world after 10 years of absence, how you can not walk in heels even if you want it so much, how you don t nothing to say in front of your children, although you have repeated thousands of times the text for this meeting, how you don’t know the difference between liquid soap and fabric softener, how do you walk from one end of town to another because you don’t know what is the bus you should take, how you are afraid and you miss the people at the same time, how you always walk on wire and your chance is on the edge, how you fight and always reinvent yourself, how do you color the days and nights, dreaming nightmares of being "there", again... After long years of imprisonment Natalia tries to integrate herself into society. A society where former prisoners are a minority and often ignored their chance of survival is to return to prison .