Original title: Четир’ коња дебела
Country: Serbia
Year of Production: 2017
Category/Section: Documentary/Production company
Director: Igor Aleksić
Production: Igor Aleksić
Synopsis: This documentary tells about the secrets that connect the chubby horses, the dry bridges, cut bridges and those which have survived. It also tells about an old tavern song whose old version premiered in this documentary before a wider public played from a 78rpm disc. The song is compared with the its new versions. In a word, architectural secrets are revealed when one-hundred-year old dust is removed from them in an unusual way permeated with nostalgia. Extremely valuable material, an amateur footage was also used in the documentary. When speaking of genre, it a TV documentary film which is made without any budget, using semi-professional equipment, without a single euro budget. Igor Aleksić grew up in Zrenjanin, Serbia, where Serbian, Hungarian, German influences intermingle with some other ten ethnic influences. There is probably no place in the world like the Province of Vojvodina, where live two million people divided into 27 ethnic communities and where over 20 languages are spoken, many of them being in official use. Igor Aleksić presented his hometown through the centuries employing lyrical genres and a combination of the reporting and documentaristic approach.