Original title: Lutajuća srca – archiv emocija
Length: 00:67:00
Country: Serbia
Year of Production: 2016
Category/Section: Documentary/ Production company
Director: Vladimir Ristić
Production: Oliver Paunović
Synopsis: Documentary film “Wandering heart – archive of emotion” is story of the legendary music trio from Niš which had a great popularity across former Yugoslavia in 70’s and 80’s. About their glory and generally music life in Yugoslavia during that period, over 50 serbian musicians were interviewed. “Wandering Heart” were acoustic trio from Nis, founded in 1970. At the Youth Festival in Subotica in 1972 for the song “A little,” they won the first prize of the audience, as well as the award for the best lyrics. 1973 represented Yugoslavia in East Berlin at the 10th World Festival of Youth and Students. Now, legenadry trio from Niš are middle age people and they talked about those times with a lot of emotions.