Original title: Орша… Минск… Орша…
Length: 00:46:54
Country: Belarus
Year of Production: 2016
Category/Section: Documentary/ Young Author
Director: Yuliya Ralko
Production: Yuliya Ralko
Synopsis: Young owner of a small shop comes back to his hometown to visit his parents. He spends a weekend with his childhood friends. Watching their adventures we understand what life in Belarusian province is like and why the main character has left his hometown. Simple and light in the beginning the movie rapidly turns into a sharp and unprecedented portrait of the generation of twenty-five-year-old Belarusians, coevals of Independent motherland, and of the Belarusian youth problems entirely. This is the story of the choice that lies in front of every provincial-born man – to stay and take it as it goes, or to leave and fight for a better living.

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