A film-projection series called “Europe on Screen / Košice International Film Festival”, which takes place at several Košice cinemas, includes films that have won prizes at the Festival, along with films from other European countries. These films are not part of the competition and are open to the general public. Tickets are free.

“Europe on Screen” has in fact become a separate film festival. Its specialty is high-quality works of independent European television stations, of the continent’s young and independent producers and production companies. All these producers have a special vision for their work, and most derive their themes from the places they live and work. As a result, collectively, these films present a unique, ground-level view of what is happening in Europe.

As the number and range of films in this series has increased, so has the work of the organisers and of course the funds required. But this expansion of scope is essentially organic, having grown from the original concept of the festival, which was to concentrate on a little-appreciated portion of the media space.

The Košice International Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as KIFF) will be a truly international film festival. However, it will differ markedly from the existing film festivals in Slovakia, IFF Bratislava, Art Film Fest International Film Festival and Cinematik Piešťany.

The main reason for the difference is that its guiding principle will be the development of the film industry in Central and Eastern Europe. Competition in the KIFF will be limited to entries from this region. Films from outside the region will be screened noncompetitively. This gives the festival a geopolitical agenda. In addition to the competitive and non-competitive screenings, a mission of the KIFF is to promote cooperation among filmmakers as it is appropriate.