1. ArtinEurope.TV

Open Channels for Europe! and the Institute of Local Television are launching a new Internet TV channel based on www.artinscotland.tv and www.artinireland.tv. David Rushton and Raine Talley of ILT will outline how arts-news will contribute to ArtinEurope while Juergen Linke of OCE! will illustrate the value and benefit of sharing arts-news TV across Europe.

  1. Romain Philippe Pomedio Web, Augmented reality , Changes of cognitive procedures, brain plasticity

Before children learn to speak, they perceive the world through images. In their adolescence, the cerebral cortex is shaped by web experiences, it means by virtual reality. It improves their cognitive abilities. Will our brain gain new communication skills over time? Are we witnessing a change of perception and consciousness? What does it mean for film production and multimedia?

  1. Thomas Desset will introduce Media Fellow.

A project of european compagnonnage,  The purpose is to broaden  practices and to educate members of some televisions and the French Federation throughout 3 immersive sessions, in Spain, Germany and France, to map the abilities of participatory televisions in order to facilitate this kind of exchange in the future. The aim is to further develop the participatory and local televisions’ model.