Workshop 1: Nationalism, Populism and the Future

This workshop is linked to Panel 1. Its aim is to discuss and illustrate the phenomena, and to give festival participants the opportunity to pose questions to experts.

The workshop debate should answer these questions:

  • What are the historical roots of nationalism?
  • Are nationalism and populism legitimate expression of political views or are they a threat?
  • What is the line between patriotism and nationalism?
  • Does nationalism play a necessary and popular role in national development?

Workshop 2: The Unintended Role of Media in the Spread of Nationalism and Populism

Linked to the preceding panel, the workshop will go into the details of how the media can play an unintended role in spreading ideas. Responsible media often occupy the same screen space as sites full of false information. How do responsible media differentiate themselves?

The workshop debate should answer these questions:

  • What tools are available to the media to assure a fair and accurate presentation?
  • What ethical issues are involved in the media’s covering of nationalism, populism and extremism?
  • What role can traditional, responsible media play in improving media literacy, helping citizens to distinguish between verified and false information, as both appear on the same screen?

Workshop 3: How to make a None Budget Short film – this workshop will be conducted by Saman Hosseinpuor from Kurdistan. Saman is a winner of the Golden beggar Award in  Young Author’s section from 2 years ago. The workshop is focused on young graduates of film schools.

Workshop 4: Slovak MP Ján Budaj about media – discussion on financing local televisions, new challenges