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International TV festival Golden Beggar in Košice


On June 6 – 9, 2018, the 24th International Festival of Regional and Local Televisions Golden Beggar, took place in Košice. The organizer of the festival was the City TV Košice Foundation, the main partner was Košice self-governing region. Parts of this remarkable event, in which TV artists and film-makers from more than 50 countries of the world presented their works, were panel discussions of experts dealing with current social issues. These panels seek the answers to the question of what topics should be brought by televisions and independent producers and in which ways they are supposed to do this.

Participants of the first discussion Nationalism: current politics, public discourse and media included political scientist Grigorij Mesežnikov (moderator) and speakers Peter Hunčík (psychiatrist), Jozef Lenč (political scientist) and Jakub Drábik (historian).

Nationalism is a political ideology based on the premise of ethnic exclusivity, which stresses superiority of a certain group of people sharing the same origins, history, area, language and culture to all other similar groups. Nationalism sees a key and indisputable value in a nation, and national states in particular, and in all things related to it.

Historically speaking, nationalism was based on an effort groups of people defined on ethnic grounds made to survive and gain a better position in the race involving other ethnic groups. It was a reaction to an insecurity of an individual, his or her need for the sense of belonging to a specific community, striving to identify with said community even further. This insecurity stemmed from the feelings of threat, be it external or internal, especially when it came to situations involving social changes, crises and conflicts.

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